MadEye   Code Together

One command to share your project

Code Inside in a Google Hangout

Share Your Terminal Output

MadEye is a collaborative web editor backed by your filesystem.


Easy to Use

One-line install. Then just run madeye and share your project URL with your teammates.

Designed for Collaboration

See your teammate's cursor and selection just like Google Docs. Optionally embed in a Google Hangout.

Powerful Web Editor

MadEye uses the Ace editor to support syntax highlighting for 60+ languages, Emacs and Vim keybindings, and more.

Getting Started

Install MadEye

On OS X or Linux:

curl | sh

On other platforms (requires Node.js):

npm install -g madeye

Run inside your project

Within your project directory, type madeye

bash-3.2$ madeye

Share your MadEye URL

Share your MadEye URL with your teammates and edit files together. Inside or outside a Google Hangout.

Try it out now!

You can try MadEye without installing anything by creating a scratch project. You can upload files, edit with teammates, and embed it in a Hangout, just like normal!

See MadEye in Action

Watch as Dan uses MadEye to quickly get expert help on his project.